Thursday, January 29, 2015

Take Me Home Tuesday - Peanut is up for adoption

Take Me Home Tuesday - Helping Dogs & Cats Up For Adoption Find Homes

This week's featured pet is Peanut from Recycled Doggies in Cincinnati.  He's a 9 year old Yorkie.  His owner passed away.  Each time the dreaded day comes that I lose a pet, my mother has always made an amazing point.  We are their whole world!  She always thinks of the other perspective and just how lost our dogs or cats would be if we were to leave them first.

Peanut bounced around to different family members, but never found a permanent home.  Please share and help me find sweet Peanut a home!

Learn more information about Peanut.

Recycled Doggies is any amazing rescue in Cincinnati, OH.  They do all of their rescues through fostering so that dogs that may not be used to living in a home learn good behavior while waiting for their forever home.  Follow them on Facebook, and join their  other 26,000!!! Fans.

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