Sunday, October 24, 2010

Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World

I recently had a couple good friends of mine, Gina and Matt, go down to Walt Disney World for vacation. While they were down there they stopped by Best Friends Pet Care to check out my work!  Here are a few pictures that they sent.

Two portraits are hanging in each of the Luxury Suites.

More pics to come soon!  I have a few more portraits currently being printed for the grooming room.  An awesome facility!  Check out their website below.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spirit Day at Animal Friends Humane Society

What a great day! I had a blast volunteering at the Animal Friends Humane Society yesterday for my Spirit Day through work. One day each year my work gives us a Spirit Day, which is treated like a vacation day only you are required to volunteer at the place of your choice for the day.

A few coworkers and I went together yesterday and gave our time to this wonderful organization and beautiful animals. We started the day out with breakfast at Bob Evans, delicious! Then it was off to work.

We spent most of the day walking each dog individually, then did some other much needed odd jobs. I met some really great dogs yesterday, and below are a few of my absolute favorites that I may have spent just a little bit more time with.

Sarge - a gorgeous Pit Bull with a great disposition!

Click Here for more information on Sarge

Roofus - this guy was bouncing up and down in his kennel when he saw that I had a leash and was coming to take him for a walk. I was a little nervous that he might be really hyper, but he walked great on a leash!

Click Here for more information on Roofus

Donte - Oh Donte...I just love you. Sweet, gentle, playful, perfect.

Click Here for more information about Donte

Wallace - What can I say I am a sucker for black lab mixes. Wallace is an absolute joy, and just smiles at you the whole time you are walking together.

Click Here for more information on Wallace

I am going to become a regular volunteer at Animal Friends, orientation is October 23rd. I urge you to give some time at your local shelter. I had a wonderful time, met some great people and animals. Donate some time to give back to these wonderful animals that give us unconditional love.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A couple new portraits!

Cranking out some new stuff!  Here are two new portraits of mine.  

Above is one of my new portraits that will be hung in Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World in the grooming area.  Once all are installed I will add some photos!

Rico - a coworker's dog that he rescued from Animal Friends Humane Society!

Speaking of Animal Friends Humane Society, I will be spending the day there tomorrow to volunteer.  The place where I work full time does this wonderful thing called a Spirit Day, which is kind of like a vacation day but you just have to use it as a day of volunteering.  I think it is a super cool idea, and much appreciated!  I think I will be walking dogs, giving them baths, cleaning out cages, etc.  Pics from the day to come later!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy October!

Took a great walk this morning with Zumaya, I love this weather! Here is a pic of him after the walk and his bath enjoying his chew flip! It's amazing how happy a 30 minute walk can make your dog.

And here is a recent cat portrait I finished and delivered. I was really excited about the way this one turned out! I had a great picture to work from, and really like the layout.

And finally, congrats to the Cincinnati Reds!! They made the playoffs this week, and I am pumped to root for them through it all the way to the World Series! Let's go Redlegs!!

(Pic of Chapman pitching a few weeks ago)