Saturday, April 23, 2011

Did a little volunteering today

I would say today has been a pretty productive Saturday! Made some brownies for the bake sale at Animal Friends Humane Society today along with their annual Easter Egg Hunt. Then I stuck around to walk a few dogs while I was there. I wanted to share two really great pups I met while I was there. And please share if you know of anyone looking for a new furry friend.

Loved her. I have to admit that I was just a little nervous when I realized Nikki was one of the only dogs left that hadn't been walked and she just happened to be a German Shepherd. Then I remembered she was probably just as nervous for me to go in and get her out of her cage. Boy was I wrong!! Easy as pie to get the leash on her and oh was she happy to go for a nice long walk. So soft, gentle with me, walks great on the leash, and just a doll! We even worked on learning sit while on our walk, and I can tell she is a real quick learner.
For more information about Nikki - Click here!

Sweet as can be! She is a very unique looking dog, they have her marked as a spaniel mix. She was too funny on the walk because she would get so excited that she would start snorting like a pig. She is so soft and after we were done walking on the muddy trail I went into her kennel to wipe her clean. She cuddle up so sweet and really enjoyed the individual attention.
For more information about Meishka - Click here!

More portraits to share soon I promise! One is a gift so I want to wait to post, and currently working on two more. Will post soon!